About Alaska Mitigation Banking

Alaska has a rich history of protecting its natural resources, and no wonder. With volcanoes and permafrost, half the world’s glaciers and three million lakes, its landscape is majestic and unique. This sensitive ecological environment—where Beluga whales, flotillas of otters, puffins, and elephant seals highlight a rich diversity of nature and bring tourists from around the globe—deserves to be protected.

Yet the great state is also rich in natural resources. Development of oil and gas, mineral and precious metal extraction, and railroad and transportation expansion aid the state’s economic growth, create jobs, and help fuel Alaska and the lower 48.

However, these vital development activities also strain the environment. That’s why sustainable development practices are of utmost importance in this region.

Mitigation banking is one such practice. Mitigation banks protect and restore delicate wetland and stream ecosystems. They are the Gold Standard for offsetting unavoidable impacts to wetlands and streams.

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